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We take care
of everything

With our Integral Rental Management service, you won’t have to worry about anything. We will take care of all the communications with tenants, the management of collections, and any incident that may occur.

Rent you home

in peace.

01. We look for the
best tenant

We investigate exhaustively, gathering all the documentation necessary to make sure the person who will rent your home is trustworthy. We protect your interests and belongings.

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02. Contract and insurance.

Once we have a leaseholder, we create a contract with the current laws in mind, completely failproof. Moreover, we’ll offer you an insurance that covers missing rent payments and damage to the home, both the property and its contents.

03. Changes in

To avoid surprises with the water and light bills, we manage the change in supply ownership, so every bill is on the leaseholder’s name. That way, in the worst case scenario, if the tenant leaves without paying, the debt will stay with them.

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04. Leaseholder

We fix any trouble the tenant might have, managing every issue from our office so you can relax wherever you are. Feel free to ask us about the conditions of this service!

Rent your home
with every guarantee.

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What are the requirements to rent a home?

We ask for demonstrable income, whether it is a year’s worth of paysheets or your pension. Besides, the cost of the rental can’t be above 35% of your income: If you’re earning 1000€ a month, you’ll be eligible for a 350€ rental maximum.

Do you manage vacation rentals?

We always want to give our customers the best service, which is why for the time being, we only manage long term rentals.

How long does the leasing contract last?

The contract will be agreed upon by both parts, although they must always follow the Urban Leasing Law (LAU, in Spanish), which states the conditions to keep in mind in every case. You will always have an adviser to answer any question you may have.

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