Tips to make your home healthier.

The period between seasons is the most complicated of the year, as far as health is concerned: Temperature changes from one day to the next, never knowing what clothes to wear, and the viruses that float around at their leisure make it very simple to fall ill. It’s clear that you can’t control the weather or who gets sick around you, but what you can do is take steps to make your home a healthier place. Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

What is an unhealthy home?
A clean environment
Tidying tips
Health in the kitchen
Put a plant in your life

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What is an unhealthy home?

Given that our home is our refuge, the place we go to rest after a long day, it should be as beneficial as possible to our health. Living in a dirty, unsafe, or poorly maintained place will have an impact on our health that end up being very serious.

There are many factors that can make your home an unhealthy place: Polluted air, water leaks, structural problems, or poor food control are just some of the problems thousands of homes face each year.

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A clean environment

Breathing clean air is one of the most basic keys to good health. You don’t need to go so far as to buy an air purifier, but keeping the house well ventilated, even in winter (even if it hurts to open the windows) is free and beneficial for your health. Unless you live in a tremendously polluted area, air inside the house is generally less healthy than outside.

It’s also very important to dust the furniture and vacuum the floors regularly, to prevent dust mites from accumulating. Even without mites, there are all kinds of toxins that can gather in the dust and you’ll breathe without realizing it if you don’t make sure to take these steps whenever possible.

Besides that, it’s also convenient to leave the shoes at the entrance of the home, instead of wearing them inside. This will prevent some of the external dirt from entering your home, and you will save yourself some sweeping and scrubbing!

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Tidying tips

If you don’t want to use excessive chemicals in your home, you can make homemade cleaning products with products as easy to get as white vinegar, lemon juice or baking soda. If you want it to smell good, you just have to add essential oils, and you will have a homemade cleaner, without chemicals you don’t know, and much cheaper.

Another major detail that escapes many people when cleaning is the need to keep our portable devices clean. The mobile, the tablet, and even the keyboard and mouse of the computer can accumulate more bacteria than the lid of a toilet, if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

We also recommend that you avoid plastic as much as possible. Not only is it bad for the environment; it’s also bad for you, as it tends to accumulate bacteria over time. Switch to using glass containers, wooden cutting boards and bamboo toothbrushes … and replace the latter regularly.

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Health in the kitchen

In addition to keeping the kitchen very clean, including the grease that accumulates in the oven and in the microwave, the way we conserve and wash food is very important. As we have mentioned before, ceramics and glass are good alternatives to plastic, and you should never put plastic in the microwave. Experts also recommend abandoning Teflon in pans, and instead use stainless steel or cast iron.

Fruits and vegetables should always be washed, even if they have skin. On the contrary, it’s better not to wash meat, since the bacteria that it can contain won’t go away with water, but the water that splashes when washing the meat can contaminate everything else.

Finally, when washing the dishes, it’s advisable to dry them very well, since humidity tends to grow bacteria more easily.

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Put a plant in your life

We know that we insist very much on the importance of having plants at home, but they have many benefits. Not only are they a great and cheap decoration, and they brighten up any corner of the house, but they also clean the air you breathe.

Moreover, if the plant you choose is aromatic, such as basil, or bears fruit, such as strawberry, not only will you have a beautiful decoration, but you can also use it for cooking. It’s all advantages!

We hope you found these tips helpful. Do you have any tricks for a healthy home that we have forgotten? Tell us in the comments! By the way, did you know that living by the sea is really good for your health? If you’re looking to breathe the sea breeze every morning, contact the Inmokea team at 965 453 330 or write us at and we will find your house by the sea.

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