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Placing an ad on the internet and waiting for someone to call is something anyone can do. Our service goes above and beyond that. We provide value to your home to sell it for more money in less time, we offer every documental and legal guarantee, and we make sure to protect your interests before, during and after the buying process.

The secret of a

perfect sale

01. First contact.

Before we begin, we have to get to know each other. We’ll meet in the office or through a video call so we can understand your situation and needs, as well as your reasons for selling. We’ll also tell you which documents do we need to have every available data.

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02. Visit in person +
honest appraisal.

After the initial meeting, we will visit your home in person to analyse its strengths and weaknesses. With all the data collected, we will make a free valuation of your home, using real sales data and putting all our years of experience at your service. We don’t want to tell you tall tales: We want you to know exactly what to expect from the sale of your home, with no surprises.

03. Personalised selling plan.

Once we have all the necessary data, we design the best sales plan for your home, creating an ideal buyer profile for your home and developing marketing actions aimed at a very specific audience. Whether you are looking for a quick sale or you prefer to take your time and wait for the best possible offer, we adapt to your needs.

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04. Inmokea’s magic touch.

The first impression is the one that counts, and that’s why we have a home staging expert ready to make your future buyer fall in love with your home, investing in your home at zero cost for you. Besides taking professional pictures of your home, we’ll create a VR model, so people all over the world can visit your home from their own living room.

05. We multiply your visilibity x100.

We collaborate with the best agencies in the area: Hundreds of realtors advertising your home and offering it to their client list, thanks to the services of MLS Asivega and Besides, your home will appear in the most important property websites on a national and international level.

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06. Your safety goes first.

We filter possible visitors to make sure they’re interested and reliable, preventing you from losing time with curious onlooker and knowing exactly who will be walking into your home. Besides, we offer you a free security camera with an alarm in your phone to prevent squatters and any other problem that might arise.

07. With you until
the end…

We’re experts in negotiation, and we’ll always defend your price and interests, until we reach an agreement you’re satisfied with. All of our offers are made with a cash deposit, ensuring the buyer is actually interested. After that, we will go with you to notary and help you with every procedure and taxes.

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08. …and beyond.

Our job doesn’t finish when the contract is signed. We remain by your side, guarantee you only pay the taxes you need to pay, without having to take care of bills that don’t belong to you and making sure that going in and out of notary with your check in hand is easy peasy. Once you’re part of Inmokea’s family, we’ll be there for anything you need. We want you to think of us when you need a real estate agency in the future, and that you don’t hesitate before recommending us to your friend and family.

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How much do you charge in fees?

Every home is unique, and that’s why the investment we make in each of them varies. That said, our services are always transparent. When we talk about the price you’re selling your home for, we’ll agree on how much you will be receiving as the seller, so that the only expense you have to worry about are taxes.

What happens when the contract is over if my home isn’t sold?

You decide whether you want to renew the contract or not. All we ask is that you tell us a month in advance, so that we can prepare the documentation, remove the home staging and security elements we’ve added to your home, and remove your home’s ads.

What is multiexclusivity?

Multiexclusivity is a kind of contract that expands on your sale possibilities without losing the agreement between inmokea and you. Our goal is for you to obtain the best selling conditions, which is why we collaborate with other real estate agencies to advertise your home in the maximum amount of platforms possible. Their clients will be yours.

What if I know somebody that wants to buy the home?

Even if we’re in charge of all the promotion of your home, it might happen that somebody you know, or a family member, wants to buy it. If that happens, we’ll collaborate with you too. You’d get up to 50% of our selling fees, exactly as if you were one of our collaborating realtors, without worrying about negotiating with your neighbour or handling any procedure. You’ll still have every service Inmokea can offer.

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